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I just discovered another thing I can do!  Just recently I’ve been venturing out of my place on my own.  I discovered public transportation to get around San Diego, but things didn’t click for me until recently.  The trolley station is becoming a very viable option for me.  I prefer the trolley over the bus because boarding the bus is a lot of work!  The driver has to deploy the ramp, manually strap down the scooter, and I have to maneuver the scooter in a small space trying not to hit any passengers!  There is a trolley station close to my place, so I started getting curious.  When I first moved to San Diego, I would hardly be at home!  Ever since my surgery, I’ve been cooped up at home!  Public transportation has given me a way to go where I want to go!  I’m rediscovering the city of San Diego from a different point of view.  Very different because I actually have to plan everything and take into account bus/ trolley schedules.  Luckily the schedules are online and easy to access.

Well, anyways, I figured out how to get to downtown San Diego at night.  This is HUGE because night time is the time when I would actually be able to hangout with most of my friends!  To me, traveling at night was essential to feeling like a person again!  I missed the night life, so I traveled down town by myself to go to a Movember 1/2 Mo-Party.  When I left my place in the mAss Kicker Mobile, it was already dark.  It had been forever since I have gone anywhere by myself at night!  It was kinda intimidating because if some thing were to go wrong, I wouldn’t know what I would do… I had my phone, so I figured that help was only a phone call away.  I convinced myself that I was really going to do this!  When I left, I was a little nervous and kinda excited at the same time. On the trolley I planned my strategic scooter route though downtown San Diego.  When I got off, I looked up and saw a place that looked familiar but intimidating at the same time.  I rode by a large group of homeless people averting all eye contact to avoid any conversations.  Eric, focus on the mission... I was extra careful with cracks and curbs in the pavement!  Curbs and cracks in the pavement were my top priorities.  I’ve tipped the mAss Kicker Mobile at least 3 times carelessly ascending ramps AND broke the brakes in the last mAss Kicker Mobile while “jumping” a curb.  My heightened senses tensed my entire body and made me really jumpy. Every little squeak or sound was amplified 20 fold!  When I finally got to the Mo Party, I was greeted at the door by my old friend, Ron Donaho, editor of the San Diego Bugle.  After our brief conversation, I made a B-line for the bar and had some wings and a beer to unwind.  Then I realized after about 30 minutes sitting at the bar by myself that most of the people I used to hangout with are no longer in San Diego or are married with kids!  Billy Joel’s Piano Man popped in my head… hee hee hee… then I thought I got this far I’m not going to live in the past.  Time to make new memories!  After watching the Movember raffle and hanging out at the bar, I decided to explore my old stomping grounds in San Diego’s Gaslamp district.  Many of the places I used to frequent were gone.   Then I realized it’s been 7 years since I’ve “been here!”  It could be fun rediscovering San Diego from a different perspective!  The night train could take me to a land of new adventures.  Stay tuned…

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