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Physical Therapy Links

American Physical Therapy Association

Advance Magazine: a free biweekly PT magazine.

University of Michigan-Flint: where I went to PT school.

Sharp Grossmont Hospital: where I used to work.

Brain Tumor links

mAss Kickers – My newest “project” designed to empower people with knowledge.

US News and World Report primer on brain tumors. 7/24/07

Information about Meningiomas from the Brain Science Foundation:  Meningioma Project

Very basic brain anatomy from the American Brain Tumor Association

Questions to ask a neurosurgeon from the Meningioma Mommas website

I highly suggest joining a message board or discussion forum for a national brain tumor organization. There is some great information/advice in there. Be careful though… what you read in there may scare you because of the “real” situations/problems. You don’t have to post a message if you’re uncomfortable, but the people who usually post in there are really friendly and knowledgable. A word of advice though, double check any info you pick up with a health care professional before making any decisions


National Brain Tumor Foundation: based in the West coast of the USA.


The Healing Exchange Brain Trust: based in the East coast of the USA.

The Brain Tumor Society: based in the East coast of the USA.

The Brain Tumor Foundation: based in New York.

Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation: based in the Southern USA.

American Brain Tumor Association: based in the Midwestern USA.

Fairview-University Brain Tumor Center: based in the Midwestern USA.

Brain Tumor Foundation of England: based in England.

Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada: based in Canada.

Search Magazine: a newsletter dedicated to brain tumor patients and families. “Survivor Stories” column gives first hand inspirational accounts of life as a brain tumor patient.


Meningioma Mommas: A site dedicated to meningiomas. It’s not just for mammas!


Brain Science Foundation: A group dedicated to Brain Tumor research. The founder is a meningioma survivor.

Chordoma Support group: A site dedicated to Chordoma tumors

Links For younger patients

I'm Too Young For This! A hip site for young people with cancer.

Planet Cancer: A cool site for young adult patients with cancer. Has a great message board.

Vital Options: One of the first organizations to support young adults with cancer.

The Ulman fund: Founded by cancer survivor Doug Ulman this fund is dedicated to supporting young adults with cancer. He has a picture of him running the NY Marathon with Lance Armstrong. Sweet!

Young Adults Surviving Glioblastoma: A site dedicated to supporting young adults whose lives have been affected by glioblastoma brain tumors.

NBTF YA Support group: If you have/had a brain tumor and are between 18-35 years old, then this is a must see page for you!

Voices of Survivors – Real patients talk about their perspectives on “survivorship” also includes impressive lyrical creations by talented survivors.

Clinical Trials: Research is essential to the fight against brain tumors/cancer. Consult with a physician before agreeing to do a clinical trial.

VirtualTrials.com: a listing of clinical trials for brain tumor specific research

Clinicaltrials.gov: a listing of all registered clinical research with the US Government.

Tumor mAss Kickers

Liz Holzemer: an inspirational meningioma survivor. She founded Meningioma Mommas and is a professional writer as well.

Bluberry News: blog from a guy and his wife in Scotland that had PDD and PDT, a new type of light treatment for brain tumors.

Tumorland: A great blog for brain tumor information. This blog has a lot of information about chemotherapy and other types of brain tumor research. It was created by a writer so it is MUCH more elequent then my blog!

An Interview with Dr. Peter Black: This guy is one of the researchers leading the fight against brain tumors!

Audra Coldiron: A young mom and a brain tumor survivor

The Journal of a Prizefighter: A young man’s fight against Hodgkin’s disease

ABC.com article about a Doctor and Brain Cancer Survivor: An Exerpt from Dr. Bernadine Healy’s book Living Time

Jerry Kline: A glioblastoma multiform survivor his site has links to other GBM survivors! Those people are amazing!

Michael Tiernan: A Testicular cancer survivor and awesome musician. Check out his Site!

Wonky-eye: A young wife’s perspective on her young husband’s brain tumor

Stupid Cancer blog: A compilation of other blogs written by survivors.
Non-boring, readable brain tumor articles

Stephen Brown:  Triathlete, Coach, Writer, Speaker, Survivor

Study finds drug that fights brain tumors and cancer

Good Friends Are Good For You

Your guide to never feeling tired again

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