13 Dec 2008 09:47 pm

As the power of the internet provides more information about one’s new diagnosis, the need for a website geared towards the newly diagnosed patient and his/her loved ones has emerged.  Patients are continually looking for information online.  mAss Kickers will fulfill this need by USING “THE K.U.R.E.” (Use Knowledge, Promote Unity, Support Research, EMPOWER YOURSELF) through:

mAss Kickers is not offering specific medical information to replace advice from a medical professional, but we are offering additional resources for information to those diagnoses.

We understand how intimidating this process is for everyone involved when you or a loved one gets an intimidating diagnosis.  We just want to provide helpful resources to make the process a little easier.  The information contained on this website is intended to be added to your “mAss Kicking Arsenal” and not intended to replace advice from your physician!  Please check out our www.mAssKickers.org… we’ll be updating it monthly!

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