Yesterday, San Diego lost one of our brightest stars,  Junior Seau represented all that is good about San Diego:  a successful professional football career, hometown pride, a unique Pacific Islander background, a charitable soul, and a friendly persona.  The surprising news hit me like a ton of bricks!  I ran into Junior twice at his restaurant last year!  (I like to think he recognized me the second time.  hahaha!)  Both times he was very friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy talking to everyone.  I met him for the first time on my birthday at Raw Mana Sushi for Aloha Wednesday night at his Restaurant (which conveniently is a short scooter ride from my place.)  The second time I met him was at a celebration the day he was inducted into the San Diego Chargers Ring of Honor.  I ran into him in the upstairs portion of his Restaurant.  I wanted to personally thank him for hosting such a unique event before I left.  I had not seen a large showcase of Asian Pacific Islander talent since my days in college.  Since I use a mobility scooter to get around, I needed to take the elevator to get back downstairs.  He stepped away from his table and actually rode with me in the elevator and walked me all the way to the entrance. I couldn’t believe a millionaire/ former NFL All-pro football player escorted me on my way out!  Such a cool thing to do!  I’ll never forget the way he treated me like family.   I’m still shocked at the news of his passing.  Junior, your family and friends are in my prayers through this difficult time.  I really hope more research is done to figure out how this could have happened to someone with such a big heart.  The brain is very complicated.  I hope that this at least puts the spotlight on post traumatic brain injury issues.  I’ll never forget the way you treated the little dude in the scooter.  I still look up to you, only now I’ll be looking up at the sky.  Rest In Peace Kuya.