Blog and Random blog23 May 2020 12:14 pm

I’m very worried about the threat of potential violence after the November Presidential election. The country is extremely divided. I have a feeling that people on either side of the political spectrum will be upset regardless of the results. Violence is inevitable between 2 sides that feel strongly about an issue. I really hope the authorities are prepared for civil unrest with a change of power OR another 4 years of this administration. There were already people with guns protesting the “stay at home” orders at state capitals. I am concerned because in 2017 A car ran through a crowd of counter “Unite the Right” protesters in Charlottesville. The gap is widening between different ideologies. The right to protest is what defines America, but bringing weapons to a protest is inviting trouble. I don’t understand the reasoning for bringing weapons to a protest unless you intend to use them.

What happened to being the UNITED States of America? Political allegiances have divided the country. When was the last time this country was truly united? I’d make a case for WWI. We had a common enemy. Currently our common enemy is a virus that has no vaccine or cure. I am very disappointed that our current leadership is doing nothing but stoke the fires of unrest and pretending to know what we are doing. We need leaders to make difficult decisions and refuse to play the political games. I’m so sick of the banter on both sides. I really think that when the political divide starts to influence the public health and wellness of American citizens nationally there is a problem.

Maybe I’m being too cautious, but the fact remains that until there is a vaccine everyone is still at risk. I understand that some people are eager to return to normal, but this pandemic is still going on. Just because it isn’t prevalent in your community doesn’t mean it is over! While your personal risk maybe low, for some the risk remains high. I don’t understand how people can be so selfish and not think of their fellow citizens still at risk. For example, People of color are at higher risk for contracting Covid-19 due to poor nutrition/obesity, poverty, and stress. Reminder… There is no vaccine! As someone with a “pre-existing condition” at risk, I don’t feel comfortable yet going out in public settings. I understand why some are eager to go out and about because they feel fine, but people need to understand the extended social distancing orders are in place to protect the most vulnerable. This is a time to support the scientists/researchers. I will listen to them over the politicians at this point! Just had to get that off my chest…