Blog25 May 2020 02:08 pm
US Army Yongsan Garrison S. Korea November 2014

Memorial Day is a very special day in the US where we honor all the United States Military service members who sacrificed their lives to defend and protect the American way of life. Before moving to San Diego, I was a little naïve. I had no idea what Memorial Day really meant. Of course I knew what the day was for, but I never really appreciated what it meant. I had the honor of meeting so many military personnel in San Diego and speaking at a US Army health conference at the Yongsan Garrison near the North/South Korea demilitarized zone. After that trip, I have learned to appreciate what the military does for us. I admire the sacrifices they make to keep Americans safe.

When I was younger, Memorial weekend used to be a BIG PARTY WEEKEND! Monday was a day off from school/work, making Sunday night an extra night to party with my friends. It started in college when I used to travel to California for my fraternity’s national convention. It always coincided with a sorority’s national convention so it was always a fun extended weekend! After college, our get togethers carried over to Memorial Weekend reunions when we were all in grad school or starting our professional careers. Once everyone started getting married and having kids, it became more difficult to get everyone together.

As I sit here and think about all the sacrifices that were made for the simple American freedoms, I wonder how the country has become so divided? Memorial Day should be a day that unites us. Is there anything that will unite the county? Philanthropy? Health issues? Something that is common to ALL? I don’t think any one person or political party will be able to do it. The country is polarized by “left” and “right”political views. Politicians need to take off their political hats and stop pointing fingers at each other. Stop acting like children. I really think that during these troubling times it will come down to individual communities to take care of each other. It’s funny how the meanings of holidays like Christmas OR special occasions like birthdays evolve as you age. I appreciate Memorial Day now! To all military service people: THANK YOU! This country needs to evolve and unite everyone in these difficult times. Collectively, we need something to believe in.