01 Nov 2006 08:58 pm

Top 10 Reasons to Get Reversal:  When A Therapist Becomes A Patient

10. The humorous perspective of a young active male brain tumor patient on recovery that many can relate to
9. The logical perspective of a patient with a medical background when faced with difficult medical dilemmas
8. Multiple perspectives from the loved ones closest to a patient
7. A list of lessons I’ve learned as a patient
6. A great BOOK soundtrack. Who has ever heard of a BOOK soundtrack!
5. A real time format that is easy to read and validates the authenticity of the situation
4. I’ll be your best friend
3. The perspective of a 2nd Generation Filipino American patient vs. the views of his overprotective traditional Filipino parents
2. A 100% of the royalties from book sales will go to the mAss Kickers Foundation
1. Make people think you are a sophisticated and smart person by actually reading a book!


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