23 Aug 2011 08:14 am


What happens to a patient after they survive the initial shock, fear, and treatment of an intimidating new tumor/cancer diagnosis? It is very easy for survivors to fall off the radar of their loved ones after they are in “the clear” after treatment. Some chose to resume their past life and re-establish their previous role in society. Others chose to define a new role in life. After treatment for an unexpected brain tumor diagnosis that derailed his plans, Eric Galvez picked himself up, dusted off his shoulders, and found a new path in life. Awakening, Becoming A Brain Tumor Thriver is the story of how he applied his experience as a former physical therapist to tumor/cancer survivorship. In his search to find people similar to him, he found many extraordinary organizations and individuals that inspired him to start his own organization. His personal growth is documented through his blog posts as he encounters new situations and adventures. Also included in the blook are the perspectives of some of the people closest to him in this amazing journey. Follow his journey from “brain tumor survivor” to “brain tumor thriver”. You too can become a “thriver”!

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