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On Tuesday last week, I was featured on the front page of the Health section of the San Diego Union-Tribune Newspaper.  The days leading up to the publication reminded me of playing sports in high school and anxiously waiting for the write-up after a good game/match.  It’s funny, because I’m a pretty laid-back guy. I’ve never sought to be the center of attention, but now I’m learning to “embrace” it and become a proud advocate for “post-treatment thrivership”.  Thriving starts with attitude.  Attitude breeds confidence. Whether that confidence is real or an act, it creates a strong sense of UNITY between the individual fighting and his/her supporters.  I have observed it numerous times in the 8 years since my diagnosis.  I call it being a mAss Kicker.  The right attitude in the face of an intimidating obstacle can be a powerful factor in the fight against tumors/cancer.  LET’S KICK MASS TOGETHER!

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