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the_moviesThe past few months, I’ve been getting EXTREMELY busy!  This is not a bad thing, but it doesn’t leave me much time to relax and do the things I enjoy.  I’m finding that my hours are extremely odd, I typically wake up at 6AM, take a 1-2 hour siesta around 3PM, and go to bed around 11 or if i’m feeling like a “rebel” 12AM.  Since I don’t have the energy to do anything for 8 hours straight anymore, I have to manage my time very cautiously!  To keep my sanity, I’ve found that going to the movies is a great escape.  I never would have thought going to the movies by myself would be something that I enjoy doing, but I find it relaxing being surrounded by strangers enjoying something together.  It’s kinda reminds me of enjoying a big sporting event.  I remember going to my first University of Michigan football game at “The Big House” as a kid in Ann Arbor.  I remember being in awe of 110,000 screaming fans cheering on “my” Wolverines.  I was hooked!  There is really nothing like it!  On a smaller scale, I really enjoy that same crowd atmosphere when watching a good movie.  That’s why I really enjoy going to opening weekend blockbuster movies.  It is kinda ironic that “an escape” for me is getting lost in a group of people enjoying a large event!  Experiencing  something for the first time with a large group of people is extremely exciting for me.  I like going by myself because I like to unwind and just get lost in the story.  I typically like going to animated movies or action movies because they don’t require much thinking.  I don’t like horror or romance movies because I don’t like being jumpy, and romantic movies I find “cheezy”…  In a way, I haven’t really grown up because the things that entertained me at 10 years old still entertain me now!  I guess that mentality keeps me “young at heart”.  hee hee hee…

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