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Great cooking song…
Ever since we started the social distancing protocols, I find myself cooking more frequently. My staples have been bbq chicken, chili, and pasta in meat sauce. The instant pot has been getting a lot of use. I have the mini instant pot which is a 3 quart pot and the perfect size for two to four people. This is the ideal size for single guy who live alone because I won’t have a ton of leftovers! Chili as been my go to instant pot meal because it is so quick and easy to make. I’m doing a lot of experimenting with recipes! My favorite so far has been garlic russet potatoes.

I found a few websites for instant pot recipes. This is an easy site for 3 quart IP recipes. I have found that using a chili packet makes it easier to make chili. Very efficient! Shredded Chicken is also one one of my favorites in the instant pot with salsa or picante sauce.
I have started watching cooking videos online. My family started weekly conference video calls just to check up on each other. Our weekly Galvez family online meetups have turned into cooking demos. We’ve learned how to make pancit (noodles), pork/chicken adobo (pictured), and most recently tiramisu. Of course, I’m “junior varsity” in the kitchen, so anything I can learn is appreciated! The majority of the things I cook are prepackaged, so I don’t consider it real cooking. I really appreciate my family taking the time to explain how to make things.

I recently discovered how to make tender garlic pork chops and veggies. Quick and easy! 4 mins/side on med heat with chopped garlic cloves. Gotta try different sauces next time. Served with veggies over rice. Perfect! Cooking is an experiment for me. Adding things together, harnessing the heat, timing of searing, presentation, etc… cooking really is an art… I lived on takeout, hamburger helper, and pasta. I’m definitely learning to appreciate all the preparation /work that goes into a home cooked meal. Eating is so much more enjoyable when you recognize all the work that goes into it. For me, eating was the scientific means of producing glucose for energy. Now, I realize that there is an art to cooking. I enjoy it so much more. HAHAHA! I really think that food can bring people together. I started watching TASTE THE NATION on HULU. It explored the diversity of food in the United States. Food is something everyone needs, so I think food has the potential to bring people together/unite people with different backgrounds. If we can start to appreciate the diversity in food, why can’t we appreciate the diversity in other cultures? I was a very picky eater growing up, so cooking has opened up a whole new world! Ever since I had my brain surgery, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. A new hobby is starting to form…

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