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  1. in high school i was a champion athlete with aspirations to wrestle in college.
  2. in college i discovered my filipino-american roots, joined an asian american fraternity, and joined an a capella singing group.
  3. i went to grad school and i became a book nerd.
  4. after grad school, i became a CA licensed physical therapist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.
  5. i then became a young adult brain tumor patient/survivor.
  6. 2 years later, i became an author traveling the country speaking at health care education programs and hospitals.
  7. 3 years later, i became a nonprofit executive.
  8. i now travel the WORLD spreading the concept of post tumor/cancer “thrivership.”

it should be interesting to see what happens next!

there were different catalysts for each transformation:

  • discovered beer
  • wanted to directly help people and become a physical therapist
  • needed to become a professional
  • got diagnosed with a golf-ball sized brain tumor
  • realized there is a need to educate healthcare professionals about brain tumor survivorship
  • realized that ALL TYPES of newly diagnosed tumor/cancer patients and ALL our loved ones need to UNITE and FIGHT these horrible diseases
  • realized that in other parts of the world, a tumor/cancer diagnosis is perceived as a “hopeless death sentence” 🙁  TIME TO FIGHT THAT STIGMA AROUND THE GLOBE… ask me how we’ll do this  😉

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