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First night in Singapore: SATURDAY, 8 NOV, 2014

DAY 1, SUNDAY, 9 NOV, 2014

Exploring with Ashley: Pictures

DAY 2, MONDAY, 10 NOV, 2014

DAY 3, TUESDAY, 11 NOV, 2014

NIGHT SAFARI my photos didn’t turn out so well from the night safari. Check out some pictures from Little India



This is how I killed time at the airport in Korea

First Day back in San Diego, CA USA: FRIDAY, 14 NOV, 2014

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Hee hee hee… had a very interesting night. I unexpectedly ventured of base with a bunch of military PTs to grab some authentic Korean food. I went downstairs to the lobby in jeans, a polo shirt, and some Flip Flops. I assumed that we were eating in the hotel.  I was surprised to see everyone bundled up and ready to go!  San Diego weather has spoiled me.  I wasn’t thinking we were staying on base so I left my base access pass in the hotel room.  Well, I didn’t realize this until we were off the base in the streets of Seoul!  D’oh!  We figured we’ll deal with that when the we have to get back in! Well anyways, we ended up going to an authentic Korean Restaurant, Jeong Gam Eo Rin. In college, I was introduced to Korean food and eventually learned to love kimchee.  It was a Korean BBQ, so we had the kalbi.  The kalbi, kimchee, and this cold noodle soup was awesome!  I’d never had the cold soup before.  It was actually chilled and surprisingly refreshing.   It was great hanging out with other PTs.  The conversations are uniquely “PT”.  It has been a while since I’ve been around other PTs since I’m typically around the tumor/cancer survivor/advocacy population!   Dinner was great!

Well, we still had to deal with the fact that I didn’t have my base access pass with me.  Re-entering the base might be problematic.  Luckily, there were a couple Korean speaking therapists with us that were able to help us get back on the base. Took a while and a bunch of phone calls were made, but we finally made it back!  Whew… Anyways, another great meal in Korea!  One more day at the conference.  Tomorrow I check out and I leave for Singapore on Sat. I will be exploring the base Friday afternoon and check out the military PT clinic. Anyways, it is a 7 hour flight on Korean Air.  The zipper on my luggage broke, so I’m going to have to get some new luggage.  I expect some difficulty checking in/boarding the plane with the “mAss Kicker Mobile” in both Korea and Singapore.  Stay tuned!

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Dragon Hill Lodge -38th Parallel Healthcare Symposium Day 1

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We’ll start recording short videos on our trip!

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SEOUL04-S04-023I left for Korea at 3:30AM on 10/29 and I got into Seoul at 3 PM on 10/30.  It was a long flight with a 2 hour layover in Seattle.  I haven’t been to Seattle before, so it was exciting to be somewhere new.  I had a 2 hour layover there, so I had some time to do more exploring! Here are photos from my layover.  Got to watch 3 movies on the flight.  I still cannot sleep on planes.   I shut my eyes, but I cannot sleep no matter how tired I am.  I was surprised that 3 seats next to me were empty on the 11 hour flight from Seattle to Seoul!!  It was great! When I finally got to Seoul, I was totally out of my element. I had no idea where I was going!  Going through customs to in Singapore will be exciting because I am flying on Korea Air, so I’m not exactly sure how I will communicate with the people there…  Being disabled and unable to speak the language will be huge barriers!  I could already tell that some people were already uncomfortable with me.  Lots of confused looks.  I’m not sure if it was the language barrier or the fact that I was a person with a disability traveling by myself.  The stigma of disability is very strong in Asia!  I recall that the only people I see in wheel chairs are older patients with family members with them.  I have yet to meet a younger person with physical disabilties on my travel.  Trish the stewardess from Delta was so helpful after I deplaned!  I recall that last year traveling to Honolulu, Tokyo, and Manila finding the elevators in airports were difficult due to placement of the signage and the language barrier. Will def have to study the Airport Maps when I get to Singapore before deplaning.  Luckily Trish and some of the other members of the Delta flight crew waited for me on the other side of customs and walked with down with me to baggage claim.  I would have been totally lost!  My friends Leah and Jorge were there to pick me up in by the baggage claim that was so helpful.  I already anticipate an issue trying to find a cab or shuttle from the airport in Singapore to the Hotel.  Going through customs in Singapore from Korea will be very interesting!   Today is a day of rest and exploration.  I’m still trying to adjust to the time difference!  Tonight I’m going to a Halloween party in Seoul!  Should be fun!  Seoul is very hilly, so I anticipate lots of difficulties with the mAss Kicker mobile.  Maybe next time, I bring my manual chair… stay tuned… tonight is halloween in Seoul…