February 2015

Blog and rehab06 Feb 2015 09:56 pm

gogo elite traveller plusThe mAss Kicker Mobile II is dead.  I need a new ride ASAP because being cooped up at home is driving me crazy!  This is day 5 .   I was supposed to go to the APTA, CSM Meeting in Indianapolis on Wed, but it just would have been too hard getting around!   I’ve tried going out and using a manual wheel chair but failed. My coordination problems make propelling the chair both time consuming and energy consuming.  I’ve realized that balance and coordination are both easily overlooked when you have no problems.  Simple activities that are reflexive and require no thought now require so much concentration and planning. I move at an extremely slow pace because I have to think about the sequencing.  I have become reliant on the mAss Kicker Mobile to get around without assistance. It is more efficient, but I am realizing that I’ve been neglecting my own personal rehab/progress. My mobility and energy limitations force me to find alternative ways to get what I need!  For example: I am relying on public transportation to get around.  I also found a grocery store that delivers groceries. Weird. Cool though.  Still figuring things out! The mAss Kicker Mobile III is ordered and should be delivered next week.  In the mean time, I have to rely on my crutches or old manual wheelchair to get around.  Using those mobility devices = “a really slow or tired Galvez.”  When I was in PT school, mobility scooters were “frowned upon” because they don’t promote activity.  I am fully aware of that risk, so I stay physically active.  However,  I’m not sure I’m doing enough in terms of my personal rehabilitation to address my physical impairments.  My friends always harp on me for this!

The mAss Kicker Mobile has literally opened up a world options.  It has also become a part of me that tends to grab a lot of attention.  At first it bothered me because it represented all of my impairments, but over time I’ve learned to accept it.   Anyways, being “cooped up” gives me more time to think/ plan stuff.  hee hee hee… Got some stuff in the works, stay tuned…


Blog05 Feb 2015 03:44 pm

Did you know I was in a boyband in the 90s… “Something Special”  😛

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