Earlier this week I was invited to speak and help out at a neurology lab at Loma Linda University Physical Therapy Program.  Last year, I went up to Loma Linda to do the same thing.  I really enjoy working with students because they keep me on my toes!  I always make sure I give them my “feedback” on their techniques as well.  I remember having a hard time as a student simulating neurologic patient deficits with my classmates to practice assessment techniques on each other.  How were we supposed to simulate being neurology patients when we had very little exposure to people with neurologic deficits?  I gladly agreed to assist the students practice their skills.  I figured that I can use my experiences (and physical impairments) to help healthcare students learn how to manage a neurology patient.  Physical therapy students in particular need hands on experience to practice their skills or at least familiarize themselves.  I’ve done similar lectures and laboratory sessions at PT schools all around the country. It is great because I feel very comfortable speaking to students and sharing my knowledge with them.  It is so cool seeing “the light click on” when teaching somebody something!  (plus I enjoy “challenging” them… hee hee hee)

Next month, I’m going to be a keynote speaker at the 2015 Michigan Student Conclave and the 2015 Michigan Physical Therapy Association Spring Conference.  Later this year, I’m helping out at a lab and lecture at San Diego State University Physical Therapy program, and lecturing at Concorde College Physical Therapy Assistant program.