April 2020

Blog and family and Random blog29 Apr 2020 06:07 pm

That song cracks me up. It reminds me of a much simpler time acting stupid with my college friends. So many ridiculous conversations and dares. Priorities were so different. We thought we knew everything without a care in the world! However, the decisions we make now carry so much more weight. I’m getting the urge to move again. Maybe it is time to move back to San Diego or Michigan. Houston has grown on me, but I still have responsibilities in San Diego and Michigan. Over the next few months, I will have some major soul searching to do. I think I could do well in San Diego, Ann Arbor, or Houston but I still need to figure out what I want. I have familiarity and comfort in San Diego. It was the perfect place to live! You can’t beat the weather and activities out there. It would be AWESOME to return to San Diego! Returning to Michigan would be for my family, but there are many potential opportunities there. Plus I would save A LOT of rent money! BUT… Houston has really grown on me and I could envision settling down here! I don’t think I have fully experienced Houston yet! I really like the Texas lifestyle and southern hospitality. I don’t mind the heat. I prefer it to the subzero winters. There are “professional opportunities” in all three places but I still need to prioritize… Anything could happen! Right now, I think I could be happy in any of those places! Any input would be greatly appreciated! My lease ends in Feb, so I have some time to make a decision…

Blog24 Apr 2020 12:40 pm
I was wondering… how are people staying busy during these crazy times? I’m still trying to figure that out. I got caught up on a few TV shows: Fear The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Discovery, and Community are a few I’ve liked. I’m starting to read again. Malcolm Gladwell is still at the top of my list. It is crazy what is going on right now! It confuses me how unprepared the United States was for this. While the current US government made massive cuts to our pandemic response team, our leaders were holding rallies, playing golf, and down playing this outbreak. Just once I would like to hear our leadership take responsibility for their decisions and not blame other people. The US is a global leader in public health, which I believe is part of the reason why the global pandemic spiraled out of control. We stopped taking this seriously. There was a reason why other diseases like Zika virus, SARS, or Ebola virus never took hold in the US. This administration fires anyone who disagrees with them. I have very little faith in this administration and lost trust in the decision making of the government. However, the deciples of this administration are overzealously loyal, so come the new election season I fear violence. The country is the most divided I’ve ever seen it. Leadership should strive to unite people, not divide and conquer. I really hope that violence doesn’t erupt during the November election!

Blog21 Apr 2020 07:24 pm

That video is 10 years old! It has been a crazy start to 2020. As a person with a disability and brain tumor survivor that lives alone, COVID-19 has greatly impacted EVERYTHING that I do. Through the organization, mAss Kickers Foundation, we’ve been able to connect with other survivors all over the world. However, with all the travel bans and social distancing precautions, international travel is not in the cards in 2020. Regardless if the travel restrictions end, taking people who were immunocompromised on long enclosed international flights AND staying in Air B&Bs/hotels is probably not a wise decision. The risk of getting sick is very high! Not a good idea, even with permission from a doctor. 2 years ago, I got sick after a mAss Kickers trip to Toronto.

Anyways, I wanna try something new. I’ve been using a mobility scooter AKA the “mAss Kicker Mobile” for years, and it gets me out and about in the community! It is really convenient using the mAss Kicker mobile in large airports! I am starting to use a manual wheelchair to go out and about. However, the chair I have is a a transport wheelchair and not built for self propulsion. On the positive side, I’m getting a vigorous workout! I think using a manual chair is fine in social settings, but I’m trying to figure out how to go grocery shopping in a wheelchair AND take the bus. (Since I can’t drive) Use a rolling cart strapped to the WC? Large bag/backpack? Suggestions?

Anyways, I’ve been cooped up in my place for 4 weeks now. Most people my age have already started families and have spouses and little “rugrats” to keep them occupied in this time of social distancing. I unfortunately live by myself. So practicing social distancing means A LOT of alone time in my apartment. I’m tired of watching TV/movies. I’ve done plenty of google hangouts, go to meetings, and zoom meetings. At the end of the day, I’m still alone and bored. You can only watch so much Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, and Disney+! I figure maybe I’ll start creating stuff again… writing, making videos, cooking?

I think I might start blogging again to alleviate my boredom… things are slow right now, anyone wanna join a writing club/group? We can come up with weekly topics… I thought 2019 was pretty bad, but 2020 has gotten off to a really weird start… let’s make the most of it and create something cool!